Aging Farmers Study

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Aging Farmers Study Abstract:

Using Rapid Rural Assessment this study examined the assets and needs of aging farmers. The following questions structured this research: 1) How are aging farmers in Maine adapting to age-related embodied changes? 2) What unmet needs do Aging Farmers have and how can Maine Agrability assist them if at all? This study, part of the larger inquiry, reports on the results of case studies of individual farm visits aimed at observing adaptations to aging and interviewing individual farm operators about their careers and work experience as they age and encounter changing economic and political influences.

Farmers known to the researchers were recruited for farm visitation. In-depth interviews about how each operator is addressing bodily changes were conducted with each farmer. Observations and descriptions of adaptations were obtained.

Visual and thematic analysis of data revealed how farmers were using creative problem solving to address their changing bodies. When relevant, farmers also addressed how they are adapting to the economic and political changes that affect their careers.

Acknowledgments & References:

Elizabeth Depoy, Ph.D, Stephen Gilson, Ph.D, presenters Margaret Knapp, Megan Dow, Melissa Wone.

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