Intergenerational Adult Day Services Needs Assessment

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The Intergenerational Adult Day Services (ADS) Needs Assessment Project grew out of a collaboration of stakeholders interested in creating an intergenerational ADS program in the greater Bangor area. The need for this program became evident through focus group research conducted in 2016, in which participants in the Bangor area indicated a need for respite services for caregivers and more intergenerational programs.

This exploratory research expands on the 2016 findings to explore the need for adult day services in the greater Bangor area. Quantitative data were collected from 84 caregivers who completed a survey administered by staff at a local area agency on aging. To complement the quantitative data collection, a member of the research team collected qualitative data through semi-structured interviews with ten key informants at ADS programs in Maine as well as key informants who work closely with older adults.

Key barriers to ADS noted for caregivers included not knowing such services exist, cost, and being satisfied with current care arrangements. However, 71% of respondents shared that if they did use ADS, it would be to relieve stress, indicating that respite services are needed. Results from key informant interviews illustrated the difficulty of starting and maintaining ADS programs, which can require a significant up front investment. Even when participation in ADS is covered by insurance, reimbursement is often not enough to to cover the costs of running the program. Implications include the need for expanding ADS program access, while balancing the challenges noted regarding starting and sustaining such programs.

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